Kerzon - Duo Fleur Bleue - Candle & Set of 2 Scented Sachets

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Bring a Mediterranean atmosphere into your home with this sunny duo.


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Fleur Bleue is a sweet and sensual fragrance with top notes of lavender and amberwood, with a hint of Bergamot from Italy. The heart is an aromatic blend of rosemary, spruce and vetiver. Fleur Bleue ends in a green base note of white musk and blackberry. This is a classic fragrance that will appeal to everyone, like a fresh summer breeze on the Mediterranean.

The scented candles of Kerzon are prepared with great care from a mixture of natural and biodegradable wax, and contain a high quality cotton wick.

The scented sachets spread their subtle scent for several weeks and make your linen, drawers and precious items smell delicious. 


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lavender, bergamot


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Candle made of 100% natural wax with a pure cotton wick
Imprim'vert labelled printed label with a low impact on the environment
Packaging made of recyclable paper, 100% sourced from sustainably managed forests
Scented sachets made in a social integration institution and packaged manually in Paris


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