Kamila Aubre - Summer 1928 - Eau de Parfum

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Summer 1928 is a botanical fragrance, made of wild flowers, dreams and nostalgic moments. A slightly bitter floral.


... story

"And there, row upon row, with the soft gleam of flowers opened at morning, with the light of this June sun glowing through a faint skin of dust, would stand the dandelion wine…"

Kamila got her inspiration for this fragrance from the novel Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. The title refers to a wine made with dandelion petals and other ingredients. In the story, dandelion wine, as made by the protagonist's grandfather, serves as a metaphor for packing all of the joys of summer into a single bottle.

Rich and mellow, made of wild flowers, dreams, nostalgic moments... Bitter floral, honey and tea like, with a touch of golden apples and heady summer noons, dandelion wine is an epitome of our childhood days.


... notes

magnolia leaf, ginger, bergamot, tagetes, mimosa, lavender, green cognac


... characteristics

Kamila Aubre perfumes are made of high quality botanical raw materials. They are formulated, blended and packed by hand in her studio in a small town near Antwerp.


... creator

Kamila Aubre

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