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Order this natural incense with the scent of juniper together with the appropriate copper incense burner and save 6 EUR. 
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This natural incense is scented with oil from juniper bushes harvested locally on the English coast near Margate. Fresh as gin. 

The accompanying glass funnel and copper bowl together form a perfectly safe unit for burning these incense cones.


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juniper oil (juniperus communis)


... characteristics

  • Box with at least 17 natural incense cones
  • Burning time: approx. 15 min. Fragrance diffusion: 2-4 hrs (in a medium sized room)
  • Copper dish with glass funnel


Light the end of the cone and let it burn for about 15 seconds while you blow until it is red-hot.
Place the burning incense cone on the dish. The funnel can be used to extinguish the cone or to place it over the cone to spread a more intense scent in the room for a few seconds.

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