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Bring the scent of a pristine forest into your home with this house perfume inspired by Thoreau's book "Life in the Woods".


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Walden, or Life in the Woods, is a work of Henry David Thoreau ( 1817-1862), an American transcendentalist philosopher. Walden details Thoreau's experiences over the course of two years, two months, and two days in a cabin he built near Walden pond, Massachusetts. By immersing himself in nature, Thoreau hoped to gain a more objective understanding of society through personal introspection. Simple living and self-sufficiency were Thoreau's other goals. 

A wonderful olfactory theme to connect to the wild aspect of nature. The elegance of the fern rubs a lovely blackcurrant leaf lying on a bed of lichen.


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fern, blackcurrant, lichen.


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Anaïs Beguine

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