Jardins d'écrivains - Orlando - Eau de Parfum

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Keep amazing yourself and others with this ever-changing perfume that sometimes smells spicy, sometimes like dry amber to then suddenly surprise you by it's lightness and freshness.


... story

Jardins d’Ecrivains puts its own interpretation on the fascinating Virginia Woolf fantasy. An androgynous character with eternal youth, Lord Orlando in the Elizabethan era becomes Lady Orlando in the 18th century. Quirky blends with the eclectic and timeless in a spellbinding fragrance. Irrational dreams, an eastern monarchy and a sense of the divine linger in its wake.


... notes

orange, pink peppercorn, ginger, amber, patchouli, cloves, wood of gaiac, musk, balsam of Peru


... creator

Anaïs Beguine

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