Jardins d'écrivains - Ajar - Eau de Parfum

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Mysterious and not to be pigeonholed, that's Ajar, a perfume that challenges you in a playful way. Disguised as a classic chypre, but resolutely modern.


... story

Romain Gary achieved a literary subterfuge when he created Emile Ajar.
Anonymity was his chance to reinvent himself, and to become manifold.
Ajar is a chameleon-like fragrance that speaks of incarnation. Dark incense meets dazzling orchid.
A union as ambivalent and complex as human nature itself. The light and shade within us all.


... notes

bergamot, pear, jasmine, orchid, sandalwood, incense, oakmoss


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Anaïs Beguine

| Eve

Perfect smell for the ones who love sweet tastes but not too much sweet. This smell stays long and unfolds over the day.

I bought these on my vacation so it also bring nice memories from my trip every time I smell it. Highly recommend!

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