Hiram Green - Vivacious - Eau de Parfum

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Zing your life with Vivacious, the exuberant, joyful and botanical perfume by Hiram Green. A contemporary creation around violet and carnation.


... story

One of Queen Victoria’s favourite flowers was the violet. Violet scents were incredibly popular in Victorian toiletries. They ate violets, candied, in cakes and pastries. Violets were at the heart of the cut flower boom. Sellers would stand on street corners, selling nosegays and bunches which women pinned to their dresses, or men tucked in their hat brims or wore on their lapels. With their love of attaching meaning to flowers, Victorians regarded violets as a symbol for modesty and fidelity, due to the plant’s habit of holding its flowers in a low, nodding, deferential manner. 

Updated for the 21st century, Vivacious has a happy and carefree flair.

The fragrance opens with bright and joyful bergamot that seamlessly merges into a floral bouquet of flirty violet and spicy carnation. Waxy orris smoothly anchors this boisterous heart and soft, powdery amber adds a warm and luxurious finish.

Vivacious is an exuberant and joyful perfume. Perfect to zing your life.


... notes

bergamot, violet, carnation, orris, amber


... characteristics

Vivacious is a 100% natural and vegan perfume and is free of GMO. Nothing is tested on animals. Everything is developed and produced in small batches in Hiram’s studio in Gouda, The Netherlands.


... creator

Hiram Green



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