Hiram Green - Lustre - Eau de Parfum

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Travel to the Bulgarian rose fields with this fresh, natural perfume. An ode to the rose, from the sharp thorns to the sensual petals.


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Imagine the sun rising over seemingly endless fields of roses in the heartland of Bulgaria. Soft, golden rays of sunlight tenderly encourage the delicate pink petals to release their delightful scent. 

Hiram's newest perfume Lustre is a deceptively simple and elegant soliflore: rose from beginning to end. It is a luminous and fresh perfume that adds sheen to your day. Life is golden.


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Bulgarian rose, citrus, orris, olibanum


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All Hiram Green perfumes are 100% natural and vegan (with the exception of beeswax absolute in Slowdive) and free of GMO. Nothing is tested on animals. Everything is developed and produced in small batches in Hiram’s studio in Gouda, The Netherlands.


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Hiram Green





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