Gri Gri - Sideshow - Eau de Parfum

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Cotton candy, bubble gum and candy apple. You've never smelled so irresistibly delicious.


... story

When sideshows still performed throughout the United States, tattoos were a real attraction in 19th-century circuses. At the time, they were the subject of curiosity.
This parade of scents brings to mind carnival sweets and treats. Cotton candy blend with the fantastical fragrances of hyraceum and leather, evoking the exoticism of the traveling circus.
A freakishly attractive enchantment.


... notes

bubble gum, cotton candy, candy apple, hyraceum, leather, tolu balsam


... creator

Anaïs Biguine


| Laura C

The start of this perfume is pure strawberry bubblegum, the transition to a sweet animalic scent happens so fast that I really don’t notice the cotton candy at all. The drydown reminds me of Moth and Rabbit The Duke of Burgundy, very nice.

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