Gallivant - Tokyo - Roll On Perfume Oil 10 ml

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Non-alcoholic, non greasy and hydrating. This Tokyo-inspired spicy, woody perfume oil is zen translated into scent. 


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A playful tribute to the kōdō incense ceremony - a zingy, spicy, woody fragrance.

The Tokyo roll-on perfume oil is a great way to wear your favourite fragrance. Designed to be worn alone or layered with the Eau de Parfum, it can be applied to your body's pulse points. Or feel free to use in your hair.


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yuzu, black pepper, cardamom, hinoki, incense, iris, rose, nutmeg, amber, sandalwood, vetiver


... characteristics

10 ml roll on. 

Made with over 20% pure perfume oil, it's silky, hydrating and non-greasy.

The non-alcoholic, palm-oil free, all natural base is vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable. 


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