Fleur de Point - Licorne Maudite - Eau de Parfum and Scarf

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Imagine a mythical creature, the unicorn, with this vegan perfume that opens fruity with blood orange, lavender and nutmeg and then chills down. Looking at this magical creature turns you into a silenced statue. 


... story

All of a sudden, all the forest had darkened.
The birds had flown without a sound.
The rhythm of hooves could be heard from afar,
making everyone feel uncomfortable.

Her white manes seemed sparkling silver.
Her twisted horn pointing at the firmament, 
she moved on, guided by the sweet smell
of this young girl picking flowers.

In the humus, mystic symbols shone.
Hit at every step by this magical creature,
that everyone feared and admired at the same time,
without understanding the anxiety that paralyzed them.

Blinded by a halo of gold, she raised her head,
then making eye contact with the beast,
where came to live the fire of a gloomy storm,
and in a flash she turned into a mere statuette.

Licorne Maudite mixes the differents rainbow-colors of a cursed unicorn. The blood orange, mixed with lavender and nutmeg, offers a fruity and coloured start. This ouverture leaves room for a dryer, colder universe like that of a stone cold statue.


... notes

lavender, elemi, blood orange, nutmeg, amber, labdanum


... characteristiques

All Fleur de Point fragrances are handmade in France and 100% vegan.

The perfume comes with a scarf containing the poem that inspired the perfume. 


... creator

Marie Clapisson




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