Duo Le Soleil Scented Mist & Liquid Soap - Kerzon

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Enjoy a radiant, sunny fragrance with this versatile scented mist and soft liquid soap. You save 6 EUR. 


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Le Soleil radiates and spreads a warm scent of coconut and frangipane. Soft and generous, a treat for the senses, with silky notes of peach, coconut and almond milk. Le Soleil also contains notes of amber vanilla and is subtly floral with ylang-ylang and jasmine water, followed by Australian sandalwood, musk and Indonesian patchouli for lasting pleasure. 


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coconut, frangipani


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Gently spray some Fragranced Mist all around you, on your linens, or on your skin to add a perfumed twist to your everyday life.

Natural and delicately fragranced, the Le Soleil liquid soap is formulated using the nourishing and protective properties of vegetable oils.

Low environmental impact and Imprim’vert labeled printing process
Recyclable paper cases sourced from sustainably managed forests
Liquid Soap
Bottle 100% recycled from household waste
All skin types and family friendly
From ORGANIC olive and coconut oil
For your hands and body
Formulated in compliance with ORGANIC standards
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