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With the duo IN THE LIGHT and IN THE DARK you have the perfect scent for every season. Order this duo and save 21 EUR. 


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AER Scents and Garden State Candles joined forces to create these 100% natural home fragrances.

IN THE LIGHT is an ode to the sun. A clear, airy fragrance that will fill your home with the delicate aroma of flowering jasmine, spicy notes of rooibos tea, complemented by elegant notes of citrus and sweet basil.

IN THE DARK embodies the true essence of the forest and diffuses the explosive energy of spruce. The aroma is complemented by Scotch pine and topped with a hint of spicy grapefruit.


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IN THE LIGHT: jasmine blossom, rooibos tea, sweet basil, patchouli

IN THE DARK: spruce balm, Scotch pine, nepeta, grapefruit


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2 x 50 ml
100% botanical and vegan
free of synthetic substances and preservatives.
Hand blended and filled in their atelier in Berlin.

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