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AT DAWN and AT DUSK. Order this duo of natural and unique scented candles by AER and receive a free wick cutter (value 12,90 EUR), allowing you to enjoy your candles even longer. 


... story

The unique collaboration between AER Scents & Garden State Candles resulted in two 100% natural soy candles scented with pure, natural perfume oils.

AT DAWN lingers in the air like the last warm autumn breeze and fills your home with an earthiness typical of a mossy meadow. The heady floral scent of Ylang Ylang is perfectly balanced by the lovely warm spiciness of cardamom and the dry, woody aromas of cedar and myrrh.

AT DUSK evokes the collective memory of conviviality that lives more in our imagination than in reality. A nostalgic fragrance that combines the softness of leather and resinous woods with leather-bound books and a crackling fireplace.

In order to enjoy your candle as long as possible and to avoid soot on your walls, it is essential to trim the wick regularly. The scissors that you receive for free with this pair of candles are the ideal instrument for this. The ergonomic shape makes it possible to reach the wick of the deepest candles. Made of stainless steel, so it will last extra long. Once cut, the used wick is collected in the hollow recipient of the scissors.


... notes

AT DAWN: ylang ylang, Himalayan cedar, labdanum, myrrh, cardamom

AT DUSK: cade wood, myrrh, oppoponax, incense, patchouli


... characteristics

125 ml
Burning time: 40 hours
Hand-cast in Berlin
100% botanical
Cotton wick
100% natural soy oil
Handmade pot in limited edition by Ennio Nobili
The pot is dishwasher safe

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