Avant-garde Perfumes - Discovery Box

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You like to colour outside the lines and don't care much about conventions. You don't look back, but are ahead of time. Your perfume is as unique and innovative as you are.

This discovery box contains 4 samples of Eau de Parfum and 1 sample of Extrait de Parfum which are all groundbreaking. Do you like fragrances that are challenging? This box allows you to discover 5 experimental perfumes.


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a focus on unusual notes such as metal, ice, rubber, tar and synthetic molecules


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  • This box contains 5 samples of 2ml : 4 Eau de Parfums and 1 Extrait de Parfum.
  • The box contains a 10 EUR voucher on your next purchase (not valid on samples or discovery boxes).
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  • Free gift wrapping (check this option at the check-out)
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