Centauri - Gaea - Eau de Parfum

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Find balance and connect with Mother Earth (GAEA), an exuberant ode to nature with earthy, green and floral notes and a hint of honey.


... story

the Present

Gaea is inspired by the Goddess Mother Earth, AKA Gaea or Gaia.

Blending notes of earthy soil, green leaves, and woody notes with delicate florals, herbs, and sweet honey of the bees, Gaea creates a balance and harmony of many elements working together in unity as one.

Gaea is a homage to the harmony and balance of Mother Earth, our present home. 


... notes

green leaves, dry Earth, honey, tuberose, rose, lavender, orris butter, apple, cedarwood, wormwood, patchouli, ambergris


... creator

Peter Carter


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