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Timothy Han / Edition


Each of the Timothy Han / Edition fragrances tells a story from the scent, to the name, to the bottle and the artistic collaborations forged that bring each fragrance to life.

But it goes beyond that. What is more important is how the fragrance unfolds upon your skin and what story that tells. Like a good novel, a fragrance should take you on a journey from the opening notes released in the first few seconds to the lingering remnants that fade away into memory hours later.

To achieve that Timothy Han had to do away with convention and the traditional idea of the scent pyramid and fragrance categories. The established notion of how a perfume should unfold could not do justice to the stories we wanted to tell in fragrance.

And like a literary journey there will be moments that take you through both highs and lows.

"in a sea of monotony, we craft stories in fragrance"

All perfumes are handcrafted in small production runs, assigning each batch an edition number in the same manner that vintages are assigned to fine wines.

Timothy HanBotanical ingredients vary from year to year due to seasonal influences such as temperature or rainfall. It is these minute variations that can alter the olfactory properties of fragrance materials and cause fragrance addicts to go to great lengths to find “that” specific vintage of their favourite perfumes.

Thus rather than try to avoid disclosing these subtle variations, Timothy Han chooses to celebrate them by allowing you to easily identify which batch of perfume your bottle came from. Take a close look and you’ll notice that after the perfume type you will see a number telling you which batch you own. 

Echoing their literary roots, each box of perfume is made to the exact size of a literary paperback to allow you to place the box on your bookshelf alongside the novel on which it is based.

Additionally, each edition of perfume is associated with one of a series of limited edition numbered art prints on the cover that reflects the perfume within. Simply choose the image which best reflects your personality.

Timothy Han loves the golden age of perfumery and chooses to craft fragrances using natural materials set in a certified organic base of grape alcohol.

While he always prefers to go for 100% natural materials, the ultimate goal is to create fragrances which delight and tell a story. In order to achieve this, they may on occasion source nature identical ingredients for ethical reasons or to obtain specific odour profiles. For example, they would never use natural musk since it is obtained through the killing of the Himalayan Musk Deer. 

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