Kamila Aubre

The Belgian independent perfumer Kamila Aubre creates botanical perfumes that are 100% natural and vegan. In Brussels, only available at ... smell stories ...

Knowing what goes into each bottle and the way your perfume is created is essential for a conscious consumer today.

The ethos of Kamila Aubre is about sustainability and storytelling: botanical perfumes must be savoured like a poem.


"don't tell me the moon is shining;

show me the glint of light on broken glass"

Anton Chekhov

While doing her best to offer the most environmentally friendly modern fragrance, she never stops her research in improving the packaging and ingredients.

Kamila Aubre's perfumes are made of high quality natural raw materials. 

They are formulated, blended and packed by hand in her studio in a small town near Antwerp.

She does not follow perfumery trends. She is reviving the ritual and beauty of pure perfumes which can be used in French flacons. Artisan fragrances are made to stand out.


Kamila Aubre


Kamila Aubre was established in 2015 as a small skin care brand.

She realised the natural perfume market was still very empty, perfumes lacked a personality, a story and a more eco-luxe approach.

It took her four years to design and formulate a small collection of multifaceted and outstanding fragrances.

For her it is not enough to blend essential oils, she draws her inspiration from art, literature and a slow pace of living.

Perfumes are personal as well as Kamila's vision. Her perfume line is a constant study of the poetic world within us.

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