Fleur de Point

The young perfume house Fleur de Point creates botanical, artistic and creative unisex perfumes. In the Benelux, only available at ... smell stories ...

Launched in 2017, Fleur de Point is a young french perfume brand located at the crossroads of art and perfume.

Each work begins with an imaginary story that is interpreted in an olfactory way to become a perfume.


“I didn’t smell anything like this before”


That’s what the perfumistas say when they first discover Fleur de Point perfumes.
If you feel rebellious soul, if you are pretty sure of yourself, extrovert, casual … or if you simply love different scents, you should try Fleur de Point.


Marie Clapisson - Fleur de Point


Self-taught, curious and creative, Marie Clapisson offers a modern vision of perfumery.

A multi-sensory approach, through words, notes and the graphic universe.

Fleur de Point cares about the planet and wants to make sure the fragrances you wear respect a certain ethic.

All perfumes are compliant with IFRA standards, 100% Vegan and not tested on animals: Fleur de Point is part of the “Beauty without Bunnies” program of PETA.

Fleur de Point made a commitment to the NGO The Vetiver Network International (TVNI), an international NGO founded 25 years ago and present in more than 100 countries.

Its role is to promote the “Vetiver System” ; the planting of vetiver in order to protect people from climate change.