Anoq - Oeillet du Japon - Perfume Diffuser - 2 colours

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Oeillet du Japon is a diffuser by capillary action. Completely handmade, it is a unique piece on which you spray a few drops of perfume or essential oil. Like a flower absorbs water through its stem, this perfume diffuser is filled with the scent that is atomized on its petals, after which the perfume gently diffuses into the environment. Ecologically and aesthetically, this product gives your home a pleasant aroma in a natural and non-toxic way.


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All diffusers are handmade with passion and love for a unique result.

Aromatic diffuser. Ceramic flower to perfume with an essential oil or a house perfume.

Diameter 7 cm. Height 6 cm.

Material: Acacia wood and ceramic flower.

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