Agua de Surf - 23NAO - Eau de Parfum

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For every sea and surf lover, this unique handmade perfume from Barcelona smells like riding a wave.


... story

23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean

North Atlantic ozonic molecules meekly touch your skin. Plankton streams crash violently against majestic statues carved with cedar wood. Adventures of overseas species that invade the depth of your being leave an everlasting mark. The brave sun and the subtlety of the gentle sea breeze. Ultimately, trying to describe this perfume is like trying to describe what it feels like to ride a wave.


... notes

bergamot, amber wood, cedar wood, oud (agar wood), sandalwood, vetiver, nutmeg, black pepper, clary sage, ambergris


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Each copy is unique. Both the cap and the packaging are hand-made, the paper comes from forests managed responsibly. The packaging is 100% recyclable.


... creator

Ramon Monégal

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