AETHER - SUPRAE - Eau de Parfum

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Patchouli, but in a different way. A mysterious perfume around Akigalawood, rich and intense, with notes of amber and musk. 


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SUPRÆ is a mysterious and seductive fragrance based on akigalawood (the captive synthetic molecule by Givaudan, obtained by splitting patchouli) in the highest concentration ever achieved. This note is balanced with belamber and georgywood, a powerful fraction of Iso E Super and musks, sylkolide, cosmone and serenolide. SUPRÆ exudes and exalts voluptuousness with a sparkling start and an intense signature.


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akigalawood (woody/spicy), dynamone belambre (fruity/floral musk), cosmone (musk), georgywood (woody/clean), serenolide (white musk/fruity), sylkolide (musk)


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All creations from the Supream series are unisex and can be layered together, or combined with one’s own favourite fragrance, or used separately leading to a multitude of options to individualize the poetry of fragrance.


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Rodrigo Flores Roux

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