AETHER - NVRMIND - Eau de Parfum

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Mysterious and dark blue. NVRMIND is a perfume for freethinkers and non-conformists. 


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"Oh, well, whatever, never mind."

Kurt Cobain

A unique collaboration between AETHER and NVRMIND paper, which share the same values of aesthetics, art, disruption, anti-conformity, sensuality and beauty. 

NVRMIND paper is an independent fanzine about art in all its embodiments. NVRMIND paper is not guided by the rules imposed by the outside world, it's solely governed by it's inner impulses. NVRMIND paper peeps through a keyhole and doesn't protect the seal of confession. It's not ashamed of it, though. NVRMIND is a physical paper, something that can be touched and even smelled, all about being a niche, making art. 

Nicolas Beaulieu: "The initial idea was to create a deep black blue note, for that I worked a fragrance around molecules that directly evoke this color. The conifers is an aromatic woody note, with nuances that can evoke oil or ink freshly deposited on a sheet of newspaper. I amplified this almost mineral effect with ambrinol, a molecule with animal notes typical of ambergris."


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grisalva (soft ambergris), ambrinol (ambergris, with notes of leather, tobacco and seaweed), ambroxan (cooling balsamic), coniferan (cooling balsamic), methyl anthranilate (ink, grape), eucalyptol (camphor-like, derived from eucalyptus oil)


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Nicolas Beaulieu with Nicolas Chabot (Aether) and Dmitro Komissarenko (NVRMIND)


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