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Golden sand. Futuristic fruity, spicy and musky. This perfume takes you to a place where the gods dwell.


... story

The alcohol of the gods...

A semblance of realism: a handful of golden sand poured in alcohol that starts to glow, as if by magic, a thousand sequins, a silver shimmer similar to the sea, the disturbing impression of sand that has been rendered almost abstract. A sand of steel, futuristic, perhaps from another world. 


... notes

cyclamen aldehyde (rhubarb), Damascenone (fruity with plum, berries and tobacco), florol (mayflower), muscone (soft musk), globalide (powdery musk), cetalox (ambergris) 


... creator

Nicolas Chabot with Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel



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