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An abstract, ethereal woody scent that surrounds you for hours and gives you a peaceful, soothing feeling. 


... story

The fragrance of ether, as volatile and addictive...

Far away, very far away, you vaguely smell a beautiful fresh and contemporary wood. Close, there is this strange and addictive "ether accord", and this emanation of love, this invisible light. "And if peace had a smell?" she asked me, a little worried. "It might be like this" I replied. 


... notes

ethyl acetate (the smell of pears and nail polish), adoxal (fresh watery), calone (fresh sea breeze) Iso E Super (dry wood), ambroxan (ambergris), ysamber (amber and wood), hedione (magnolia), ambrettolide (fruity)


... creator

Nicolas Chabot with Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel



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