AER - Accord n°6: YLANG YLANG - Parfum

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A botanical, sensual floral fragrance around ylang ylang that stimulates all your senses and warms your heart.


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Accord No. 06: Ylang Ylang is an unusual, multi-faceted floral fragrance. First comes Ylang Ylang, a rich, intoxicating flower harvested on the Comoro Islands. Then Jasmin Blossom, and precious Damask Rose dance with fresh Grapefruit and elegant Lavandin in the core. Violet Leaf and Cassia Bark give an etherial, flirty warmth. Coconut offers the fragrance a sensual velvety background. Accord No. 06: Ylang Ylang is a beautiful, energising perfume that warms the senses and opens the heart.

Ylang Ylang is a golden flower that has an intoxicating scent said to energise and stimulate the senses and proven to be an effective remedy for Malaria and depression. AER uses Ylang Ylang from the Comoro Islands, where it’s collected by hand early in the morning and steam extracted within hours of picking to preserve the precious headiness of the blossoms.


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ylang ylang, jasmine blossom, Damask rose, violet leaf, grapefruit, cassia bark, coconut


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AER Scents are 100% botanical, vegan and free from synthetics and preservatives. All perfumes are high-concentration Parfum, and are handblended and handfilled at their Atelier in Berlin.


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Stefan Kehl


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