AER - Accord n° 5 : WHITE PEPPER - Parfum

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This botanical perfume is dry and crispy, with white pepper and immortelle. This modern version of the classic 'fougere' will spice up your day.


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Accord No. 05: White Pepper is AER's version of a classic fougère done with a modern edge. A dry, spicy core of white Pepper and bright elemi blended with opulent Corsican immortelle battles a Tangerine and blue chamomile entry. Tobacco leaf and galbanum emphasise the perfume’s crispy dry personality. The scent is underlined by a French oak moss – the classic fougère underpinning. Crisp, exciting and full of surprises. 

White pepper starts as a black peppercorn, but the outer skin is removed before sun-drying. This perfume contains three different peppers: a white and a black pepper grown in Madagascar; and Peruvian pink peppercorn (which is not a true pepper), all three familiar to us from cooking.


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white pepper, black pepper, immortelle, frankincense, myrrh, sage triloba, patchouli, elemi, galbanum, tobacco, vanilla, pink peppercorn, clary sage, oak moss, blue chamomile, lavandine, clove, bergamot, musk seed, pimento, geranium, tangarine


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AER Scents are 100% botanical, vegan and free from synthetics and preservatives. All their perfumes are high-concentration Parfum, and are handblended and handfilled at their Atelier in Berlin.


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Stefan Kehl


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