AER - Accord n° 2 : CADE - Parfum

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This botanical perfume with the scent of fiery cade wood and smoky incense is intriguing and mysterious. A strong fragrance for self-confident people.


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AER Accord No. 02: CADE is a smokey, mysterious scent that starts strong with fiery Cade and burnt Frankincense. Pine forest notes from Silver Spruce give way to sweetness from Guaiac Wood and Madagascar Vanilla, and a dry grassiness from Galbanum and smoked herbalness from Java Vetyver. An intriguing, deeply-layered scent; not for the light-hearted.

Cade is a dark, aromatic distillate from the bark of a special Juniper tree, and has a wonderful smokey aroma reminiscent of a summer campfire. The cade comes from an organic forest in northern Spain. 


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cade, silver spruce, burnt frankincense, Madagascar vanilla, Java vetiver, guaiac wood, galbanum 


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AER Scents are 100% botanical, vegan and free from synthetics and preservatives. All their perfumes are high-concentration Parfum, and are handblended and handfilled at their Atelier in Berlin.


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Stefan Kehl


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